Reviewing Gil Reavill’s Masterpiece- Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up after CSI Goes Home


In 2007, Gill Reavill, a journalist, playwright, screenwriter and the author of multiple magazine articles and crime books (both non-fiction and fiction), released a crime book that allowed readers to look into the relatively new field of bio-recovery. Bio-what? In simple terms, bio-recovery involves the collection and disposal of human blood and other remains that are left in the aftermath of suicides, homicides, and other deaths.

So what made two seemingly simple guys, Chris Wilson and Tim Reifsteck, think of establishing a bio-remediation company?

Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up after CSI Goes Home answers all the questions you may have in mind regarding this peculiar company.

This fascinating book takes readers on a journey into the world when the devastated and distressed families of suicide and murder attack victims are left all alone to clean up the remains of their loved ones. Believe it or not, the unfortunate mess and blood has to be dealt with by family members once law enforcement agencies have completed their investigations. I How terribly difficult it must be for the horror-struck family members to properly clean up the remnants of their loved ones?

Chris Wilson and Tim Reifsteck were two friends who realized the need that someone should step in to help these people, so they laid the foundation of the only bio-remediation and bio-recovery company in 1996.

In Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up after CSI Goes Home, Gill Reavill gives the readers an insight into the journey of these two friends. The engaging book will take readers to various crime scenes that Tim and Chris have worked on, and tells the real stories that are more gripping than any fictional narratives.

This book is definitely a must-read for all those who like movies and television shows based on criminal investigations and CSI adventures, and do not find bloody crimes scenes disgusting, but instead disgustingly fascinating.

In a compelling and gripping narrative, Reavill tells his readers what he witnessed on his visits to the crime scenes with the founders of the company, the techniques and processes of cleanup, the ways cops and detectives dealt with various cases, and interviews with the owners and crew members, as well as with the families of the deceased.

With a little addition of black humor in some places within the book, the writer actually describes how staff members of Aftermath deal with the day-after-day unnerving situations that can drive one crazy without going insane. In the last part of the book, Reavill develops a connection between the unique work these people have been doing for decades, and discusses greater moral issues as well.

Overall, Aftermath, Inc.: Cleaning Up after CSI Goes Home has everything you want in a thrilling, true-crime, murder mystery-type book. So, let go of the murder movies and crime shows for a while and take a look at what happens in reality at actual crime scenes. Gill Reavill’s keen eye for morbid and gruesome details, his grip on forensics, his true empathy, and his gripping style of story-telling will not let you close this book before you’re done with it.

Adam Quirk

Adam Quirk

Adam Quirk, MBA & MCJ, is an accomplished criminal justice professional and private investigator from Wisconsin. Adam also enjoys writing criminal justice related blogs, as well as international travel.